​I am fortunate to have been able to accumulate solid career experience in two challenging and constantly evolving sectors: environmental and industrial. Senior Management has even recognized my special talent for the preparation and delivery of key messages as well as the effective planning of strategies. I am thankful for having had success in my career while developing environmentally supportive preserves that have been instrumental in the protection of wildlife. I have also been picked to lead initiatives that support and encourage reuse. You could call it my way of giving back to Mother Nature as much as she has given me and my family.

I can definitely declare that I have extensive knowledge of safety and health regulations, and this has enabled me to build an unquestionable reputation in the expert supervision of sites, all of which have earned a solid decades-long record of zero reported injuries according to the standards of no less than the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Modesty aside, my determined efforts to promote the safety and well-being of people and the environment have been recognized and duly awarded by the US and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

I have deep fascination and love for Labrador Retrievers, which I train and raise. In fact, I live with two Labrador Retrievers named Abbey and Tess. These two beautiful creatures I have always considered as my four-footed kids instead of simply being my pets. I love them immensely and have trained them with passion in retrieving water fowl. I recently adopted a 6-year old Labrador Retriever/English Setter mix and named her Cady.

Oh, I also do love travel, and I do it as often as I can. I have been to various destinations but my favorites are Italy and Mexico. International travel has been an effective means for me to experience the unique sites and culture of the natives in those places and to see the very soul of the locals in their own eyes. I also enjoy bringing home the diverse flavors of my travels abroad, mostly by way of creating my versions of authentic cuisines especially Mexican and Italian.