J.C. Corcoran back on mornings at 93.1 FM The Classic Rock Station
From the Facebook page of The Digital Showgram -
Word has leaked out unintentionally and very quickly, so here’s the update. In about a week to ten days, a heretofore, small signal out of Perryville, Missouri will jack its power to 50,000 watts, and hit the majority of the St. Louis metro. (It’s currently on low power while the upgrades are being made.) And so:
THE Classic Rock Station
Two years ago St. Louis lost its only classic rock radio station. All that was left were stations that tried to mix classic rock with schmaltzy
pop, or softer classic hits mixed with Top 40 and disco. The new “93.1 KBDZ” plays 100%, pure classic rock. Beatles, Stones, Who, Genesis, Floyd, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Doors, Styx, Santana, Bowie, Eagles, REO, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Neil Young, Petty and more. All day. Every day.
What’s more, the legendary JC Corcoran hosts “93.1 KBDZ’s” 6-to-9 am 
slot with “The Morning Showgram.” “93.1 KBDZ’s” massive, 50,000-watt signal covers the majority of the St. Louis metro, and pushes as far as Cape Girardeau to the south, across southwestern Missouri, and well into southwestern Illinois.
Welcome to the new “93.1 KBDZ.”
Scheduled launch: Monday, February 
15th, 2016
Here is the link to an article by Joe Holleman of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from February 2, 
2016 titled “J.C. Corcoran coming back to classic rock radio”
Classic Rock 93.1 is also available on the TuneIn Radio app if you can’t receive the 50,000 watt FM station.
J.C. Corcoran’s Digital Showgram (subscription $4.99/month) is available weekdays from 6:30-7:15am and by podcast at www.jcontheline.com
Weekdays from 11am-1pm JC can be heard at 590AM The Fan with Bob Ramsey & Jeff Vernetti.  http://590thefan.com


J.C. Corcoran Returns To Chicago Radio For Labor Day Fill-In

890 WLS-AM Labor Day 5am-9am

Published on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 15:00 – by Chicago Radio and Media

As exclusively mentioned by Chicago Radio and Media yesterday, WGN-AM will be bringing back Steve King and Johnnie Putman in a fill-in role for Labor Day morning. They won't be the only radio station with a big fill-in host that particular morning, though. Veteran Midwest radio host J.C. Corcoran, a Chicago native and an extremely well-known personality from St. Louis, MO, will be filling in for Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft on the morning of September 1st on WLS-AM. 

J.C. Corcoran grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, and was massive fan of Chicago radio and television -- adoring Bozo, WLS-AM, WCFL-AM, and WGN-AM/TV. He is a graduate of St. Laurence High School in Burbank and Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. Corcoran is also a life-long Chicago Cubs fan. (He'd prefer White Sox fans not hold that fact against him. As a Cubs fan, he's suffered enough.)

Corcoran had worked in radio in various markets, including Omaha, NE, Washington, DC, Buffalo, NY, and Houston, TX. He had a very quick stint at Chicago's WLUP-FM in the late 1970s. However, he is best known for his 30 years on St. Louis radio. He started out as a Howard Stern-style morning radio jock on rock stations, but soon after became a top St. Louis talk personality. In addition to being a show host, he has been an entertainment reporter and critic. This was done both on the radio, and for 14 years, on St. Louis television, much like Dean Richards has been doing with WGN-AM/WGN-TV.

In addition to his radio and television work, J.C. Corcoran has also written a pair of books about life in the radio industry, specifically, St. Louis' radio world. Those books, "Real Life Stories of J. C. and the Breakfast Club...or 20 Minutes in the Dark with Madonna" (2000) and "20 Years of J.C.: The Man, the Legend, the Lawsuit" (2004) are out of print, but still able to be easily found via online retailers and resellers.

He is known as an immensely talented broadcaster, who has a large, loyal following. As a talk show host who freely expresses his opinions on a wide variety of subjects, he also has his fair share of detractors, much like Chicago's Steve Dahl, Mike North, or Chet Coppock have had to deal with in their careers. It seems his worst enemy, though, has been himself. Throughout his career, he has found himself, suspended and/or fired often.

From April 2012 until the new management regime took over, Corcoran was a popular and frequent fill-in host for WGN-AM. He was brought to the station by Tom Langmyer, then WGN Radio's highly-respected General Manager, who had previously worked well with Corcoran in Buffalo and St. Louis.Labor Day morning's show will be Corcoran's first-ever time working on WLS-AM, a station he grew up listening to and helped inspire him want to get into the radio business. He will be on the air from 5:00am-9:00am on September 1st.

​Corcoran tells CRM that he has been "practicing" saying the WLS call letters since he was about five years old. He's more than ready to say them on the air now.While this is just a one-time fill-in role on a holiday morning, it does lend Corcoran's name to speculation of possible new hosts coming to WLS-AM in 2015 to help revitalize a legendary station struggling with its worst-ever recorded ratings in its 90-year history.

Click here to go to the original story and photos. Click here to go to JC's web site and to listen to his Internet based morning show which loops throughout the day.

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